Thank you City of Oxnard Fire Department

The Oxnard Fire Department presented at the August 2019 CINC meeting

Ready and Resilient

Disaster Preparedness

Are you ready for a disaster?

The City of Oxnard has two questions to ask you…are you ready and are you resilient?

In a major disaster that affects a large number of people at the same time, the excellent public safety resources we enjoy every day will be taxed. That’s the reality for any community.  Are you ready to be self-sufficient for an extended period of time when those police officers, firefighters and paramedics are unable to get to you right away?  Are you resilient and able to recover quickly?

The Oxnard Fire Department wants you to be prepared, self-sufficient and able to recover quickly when a disaster occurs.   To assist you, the Department’s Disaster Preparedness Division offers a variety of resources and training as follows:

The “Simple Steps to Disaster Preparedness” Guide will walk you through the process of knowing how and where to get help. It will teach you about emergency alerts and warnings, how to make a disaster kit, and the importance of having a family disaster plan. It will also assist you in your efforts to get informed by offering up helpful websites on many of the topics covered in the booklet.  You may download from here or pick up a hard copy at the Fire Administration Office locate at 360 W. Second Street.

Sign up to receive emergency alerts on your cell phone. Text VCALERT to 313131.
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