Hello friends and residents of the Channel Islands Harbor,

The developer of North Shore at Mandalay Bay will be present along with City Planners to discuss our concerns about the approval of such an old permitted project circa 1999 on the former oil field dump. It is located at 5th Street and Harbor Blvd.

The City feels their hands are tied as this old permit does not have to take into account that the NRG Power Plant closed, the pumps were sealed shut as was the outflow of the canal to the sea.

Let’s ask for the developer to work with the community in a neighborly way and NOT DUMP or DRAIN anything off their property into the canal. Keep all water/storm or otherwise contained on their own site. We know the best science methods could be highly effective in protecting the canal and harbor’s water quality.

Come with an open mind and let’s give them the chance to do the right thing.

Bring your own water. Parking is available in the structure and on the street.

The Human Resources Activity Room located at 300 West Third Street on the ground floor of the 4-story City Hall building. The entrance is on B Street across from the parking structure.

Tuesday Sept. 24th 6pm Across the street from Council Chambers in the City’s H/R room

City Planning Manager Lambert & Staff explain why it’s a good idea to let developer dump 1 million gallons of water per day during a lengthy construction into the harbor and then build drains that also dump into the harbor.


Interesting that this developer has 3 pipes draining
directly into the Edison Canal AND they have a 2.5 acre Bioswale on the site. We must insist this developer keeps their water from this former toxic waste dump site on their LAND, not in our harbor.

CINC has requested from the City the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) for this development. The MOU shows an agreement with this developer and the future residents to pay for stuff – like Harbor Water Quality.
The City has produced no MOU – what happened to transparency and ‘sunshine’? Is this part of the PLAN that this developer gets to dump into the harbor without having to contribute to Harbor Water Quality.

What is else wrong with this plan… ?
The Planning Manager, City Attorney and Council will also state that this is not their fault, it is the fault of the State of CA and that we must ROLL OVER and let this developer build with the plan regardless that the power plant closure has
impacted the harbor and every visitor that wants to swim or play in the harbor. The City is afraid of a lawsuit from the developer who has over the time period 2015 to now 2019 already changed their name from SunCal to MPL Property Holdings.
The developer will also say the had public viewings and showing this development as SUNCAL. I was in attendance in 2015/2016 and walked away thinking ‘who the heck wants to buy a home on top of this old dump and
in clear view of the now abandoned NRG power plant’. The local realtors are wondering how many disclosures the buyer will have to sign that they know they are living on a toxic site under watch of the DTS?
The developer will claim they complied to public viewing requirements of their planned community except they didn’t show anyone their intent to dump into the canal with pipes going off their property.
The developer also intends to dump storm water runoff “on the sandy shoulder of the roadway” — hello Mr. Planner I believe the developer is referring to Harbor Blvd. and 5th St. – both major access roads to our beach community.
So the developer plans to flood Harbor and 5th. Great news right?

We had a hard enough time finding the plan showing these plans illustrating, pipes but we found them, literally buried. (We’ve attached the plan showing the dumping into the canal and their own 2.5 acre bioswale.
— Note any other public agency reviewing this plan and not knowing there is a canal directly adjacent to this development, would have to have a microscope to see the tiniest type on the entire document labeling the Edison Canal.)
Edison canal…hidden but in plain site.

The DTS (Department of Toxic Substances – an agency meant to protect us) will attend this meeting and tell us they’ve approved this plan and it’s ok for the developer to dump into the canal and harbor. Except they didn’t
consider the impact of the NRG plant closure, the flow of the canal to the sea closed and the harbor degradation that is considered a state of emergency by sister agency LARWQB. (LA Regional Water Quality Control Board)
LAWRQB is working with us to require an extensive testing plan for the storm water runoff. We are asking that these two key agencies work on over-site together.

fyi — Bioswales are linear channels designed to concentrate and convey stormwater runoff while removing debris and pollution. Bioswales can also be beneficial in recharging groundwater.
Bioswales are typically vegetated, mulched, or xeriscaped. They consist of a swaled drainage course with gently sloped sides (less than 6%).

These slides are what DTS showed the public in 2018. They will probably show them again on Tuesday night.

WHEN: Tuesday Sept. 24th 6pm
WHERE: 300 West Third Street
The Human Resources Activity Room located at 300 West Third Street on the ground floor of the 4-story City Hall building. The entrance is on B Street across from the parking structure.
NOTE: This is across the street from Council Chambers in the City’s H/R room
Do they illustrate any pipe draining into the canal — NO!
Bright green area on the map shows the WORST SOILS were moved here – directly adjacent to the canal. Do you see the pipe draining into the canal — NO!
Check this image out – from DTS – the worst polluted area @ top right – SE Corner. There is NO illustration showing their intent to dump into the canal.

Look at this… We’ve supplied some sunshine (no secrets) about this development – as attached – the developer’s plan to dump into the Edison Canal is attached.

PS: Thank you for following us and if you’ve made it this far, join us on Thursday, Sept 26th at PCYC for our CINC meeting @ 6pm.

Keeping Watch,

Audrey Keller
Chair, Channel Islands Neighborhood Council
Serving 1,900 residents on Channel Islands Harbor
(818) 292-0447

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