Neighborhood Councils

The neighborhood councils serve as an outlet for Oxnard residents to work together to improve the quality of life in Oxnard by making each of their neighborhoods a cleaner, safer, better place to live.

There are 43 pre-defined neighborhoods in Oxnard. Currently, there are a total of 33 active neighborhood councils. The City of Oxnard’s goal is for all neighborhoods to have an active neighborhood council.

Neighborhood councils are open to all Oxnard residents ages 18 and older.

Participants coordinate at the neighborhood level. Residents in pre-defined neighborhoods are responsible for establishing neighborhood councils and electing a chairperson to represent their neighborhood at the Inter-Neighborhood Council Organization forum.

Residents in many neighborhoods are saying NO to graffiti, crime and trash by participating in neighborhood patrols. At the same time, residents are saying YES to working with the City to perform neighborhood cleanups, spearhead beautification projects and address code compliance issues. The collaborative efforts of neighborhood councils and the City have decreased crime and graffiti, removed blight and decay and improved the appearance of our City.

For further information:
Sharon Aranda
Administrative Secretary II
(805) 385-7424

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