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North Shore Development Meeting TUESDAY SEPT 24 2019 @ 6pm

The developer of North Shore at Mandalay Bay will be present along with City Planners to discuss our concerns about the approval of such an old permitted project circa 1999 on the former oil field dump. It is located at 5th Street and Harbor Blvd. Let’s ask for the developer to work with the community in a neighborly way and NOT DUMP or DRAIN anything off their property into the canal.

8-23-2018 City of Oxnard Press Release: Channel Island Harbor Water Quality

8-23-2018 City of Oxnard Press Release: Channel Island Harbor Water Quality

The City of Oxnard is requesting your assistance to be proactive and prepared in case the Harbor experiences another event. We are asking for residents living around the Harbor to watch the water and report anything that seems unusual. We encourage residents to document the change with photos. Low oxygen levels can cause fish to die off in the water. We are looking for boaters who are willing to volunteer their time to remove dead fish from the waters, should this happen due to low oxygen levels.

July 5, 2018 Special Meeting – 9:00 AM

Posted on 7/4/2018 see most current info: 7/4/2018 PDF: 07-05-2018_Agenda_CC_special_mtg Written materials relating to an item on this agenda that are distributed to the legislative bodies within 72 hours before the item...

Will C.I. Harbor no longer be a REC1 waterbody?

MAC speaks at June 11th, 2020 LA Water Board Hearing.
If left up to the City of Oxnard, the LA Water Board and the local farmers organization VCAILG*, our harbor could become polluted and unsafe—like McGrath Lake to our north. At issue—the ‘QAPP’ Quality Assurance Project Plan for water quality monitoring has been revised/downgraded for almost a year, by city staff according to the Water Board at a public meeting (6/11/20). CINC/MAC advocates for ongoing bacterial and nutrient testing by the City with volunteer labor provided by MAC and students from CSUCI. The financially responsible parties are both the City and the County. It is up to them to identify a solution, bringing our harbor back to the pristine condition it once was. When the power plant closed in 2018 it exposed the fact that for years, 2,400 acres of ag fields discharged unfiltered runoff into the Edison Canal. Both the City and the County’s scientist/consultants have stated their opinions about excess nutrients and pesticides found in farm field runoff. The County BOS has voted and approved $477,000 (2020) to trace bacteria that ends up on our harbor’s Kiddie & Hobie swimming beaches. VCAILG’s BMPs (best management practices) are not addressing the environmental issues of today, in our harbor…

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For Immediate Release
February 14, 2020


There have been two recent stories (Ormond Beach Power Plant and Lake Erie in Ohio) in the Ventura Star that were related to the water quality issues in the Channel Island Harbor.

Since there are 19 more power plants like the Mandalay and Ormond Beach scheduled for closure in California, these recent articles raise the question if the federal, state, county and local agencies involved in such decisions have thoroughly planned for the effects of such plant closings. We are concerned because they did not study and plan well for the closing of the Mandalay Power Generating Station (MPGS) in Oxnard. The consequences of their lack of post-close analysis and planning for the Channel Island Harbor led to significant negative environmental damage to the Channel Island Harbor, marine life, and the harbor’s residents, businesses, and visitors.

January 23, 2020 6 PM at PCYC

January 23, 2020 6 PM at PCYC

January meeting of Channel Islands Neighborhood Council  (CINC)
DATE: January 23rd
LOCATION: Pacific Corinthian Yacht Club (PCYC)
2600 Harbor Blvd, Oxnard, CA 93035

  • Chair’s Report
    • Water Board’s Triennial Review
    • Water Board’s Meeting on MS4
    • Forming a not-for-profit entity
    • A visit from Senator Feinstein’s Staff
    • Oxnard City Manager, Alex Nguyen
      2020 Updates
  • Marine Advisory Committee MAC
    • Report on Harbor Water Quality
    • The Delayed QAPP and Water Testing
    • The Volunteer Program
  • Community Updates:
    • C.I. Harbor Director, Mark Sandoval
    • Board of Supervisors, Presidential Primary is March 3rd
  • Questions & Comments

Thursday March 26th @ CIYC @ 6pm

Boating, Dock & Harbor Safety Reminders…

County Harbor Patrol is NO LONGER providing patrol service for Seabridge, Westport and Mandalay Bay as of 12/31/19.

In an emergency always call 911.

For City Compliance issues like dock safety or big stuff floating on the waterways – logs, trash or dock safety issues, boats adrift or parked in the wrong slip.
Code Compliance: (805)385‐7940.

CINC’s Marine Advisory Committee:
Citizen Oversight at It’s Best!

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