On April 27 , 2023 a Community Neighborhood Council Meeting was held at the Pacific Corinthian Yacht
Club. There were 50 to 60 people plus the Board in attendance, either in person or via Zoom.


Dave Copper opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Rene Aui of HBCA

  • Provided an update on the Ormond Beach application for a Wildlife Refuge.
  • Informed the group that the ERN with the Karls Group to develop Fisherman’s Wharf was uniformly
    approved by the County Board of Supervisors.
  • Congratulated Michael Tripp, Harbor Director on creating a Development Plan for the Harbor.

Chuck Carter Clean Water Team

  • Provided an in-depth report on restoring the water quality in the Harbor Included history of the Harbor and power plant
  • A detailed report on toxins and discharges in the water and defined a number of stakeholders
  • Special mention of metals and pesticides exceeding state levels

Steve Bennett State Assembly Member and past County Supervisor

  • Stated that water is a major issue for the State
  • His focus is on ground water
  • Presented First Water Bill which triggered interest and additional bills
  • Transit in the State another major issue due to ridership decline
  • Direction from carbon to carbonless
  • Need for more charging stations and batteries to store long term power from wind and solar

Professor Geoffrey Dilly

  • Provided a comprehensive report on Marine Debris/Marine Plastics
  • California has the largest Pacific Garbage Patch
  • Ventura County is quite unique by employing coastal agriculture

Alan Glen Airport Noise and Safety

  • Detailed progress with airport flight paths
  • Discussed concern of contaminated soil being retained at the airport
  • Noted community members volunteering to allow their properties to be used for noise monitoring

Upcoming Event

  • Neighborhood Bulk Item Drop-off
    Saturday May, 20, 2023
    Oxnard Beach Park
    1601 Harbor Blvd.

PRESENTATION (Chuck Carter Clean Water Team)

Saturday May 20 Bulky Item Trash Pick Up Day

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